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Car wraps are the ideal solution for individuals looking for an original car design. You can equip your car with your specific color request or attach full-scale advertising images, but also save you money and preserve the value of your vehicle. This time, the color variations are varied and the used car wraps films are easily removed again without damage to the vehicle. The films are wash & weather resistant and can be polished.

Advantages of Car Wraps

  • The film offers you protection from damages to your vehicle;
  • Maintain vehicle value;
  • Easy replacement of colour and design;
  • Time efficient;

Car Wraps or Painting?

The advantage of car wraps over a painting, is not on price. The main goal of car wrapping is to allow a temporary colo\r change. In addition to the wide range of colors and the extensive possibilities of variation, the film wrap acts like a second skin for the vehicle, protecting the original paint from damages, meaning that the value of the vehicle is maintained. 

Cast vinyl brands we work with

Avery Dennison sets the industry standard in vinyl graphic design and automotive wrap graphics worldwide. From architectural design to vehicle wraps and fleets, our graphic solutions promote creativity and deliver the highest performance for your brand. Whether creating corporate brand standards, re-launching a brand, or car wraps our industry experts will help you succeed.

We bring clarity to people’s lives with display enhancement films, reflective materials, eye-catching graphics and more, thanks to the expertise of our Display and Graphics division. 3M car wraps materials are either digitally printable for complete customised vehicle wrapping or self coloured for a fresh new colour change to your vehicle . They come with varying levels of warranty so we have you covered on all fronts. Our cast car wraps films come in high gloss colours, matte colours, brushed metal and carbon fiber looks. True textured films that you can use right out of the box, no overlaminate is needed.

Kay Premium Marking Films (KPMF) is a UK based manufacturer of high quality self adhesive vinyl films. Using the latest in technological developments and laboratory facilities KPMF can demonstrate its expertise in developing new and niche products for its customers.

Oracal offers a wide range of colours and possibilities for signage, colour applications and more. From opaque films to specialty films, if your needs involve coloured film, oracal is the right choice.