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Can you custom match any color?

We can, and will custom match any color to your caliper painting, however custom colors based on non-manufacturer colors are available in case counts only.

How long does the paint finish last?

Provided you dont use acid cleaners or damage the calipers via direct contact, the caliper painting finish will last over 5 years

How long does caliper painting take?

It takes between 5 to 6  hours to paint the brake calipers but we have to keep the car overnight for the paint to dry.

Do you paint the calipers on the car or off the car?

We do both. In most cases we partially disassemble the brake assembly without disconnecting the caliper from the brake line. We paint the removable parts of the car for a better quality.

How do I take care of my brake calipers?

After the work is completed you cannot wash your car for up to 3 days. You may clean the calipers using car wash soap only and brake cleaner. You can’t use any acid based cleaners or rough abrasives.

First Klass Vinyl offers high-quality caliper painting using only the best paint and techniques.
We can also fabricate custom decals for your calipers, with any logo or any text that you like.